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Top Rated Real Estate Companies in Siliguri in 2022

Top Rated Real Estate Companies in Siliguri in 2022

Real Estate Companies in Siliguri
Ecoodia Date: 03/11/2022 4:02 PM

Below is the list of some of the top-rated real state companies

  • Nightingale Realtor
  • Sagarmatha Group
  • HM Group Siliguri
  • Tiru Fine Residency LLP
  • CP Real Estate
  • SBM Group
  • Panchnai Group
  • Sandeep Real-estate
  • CP Group
  • Nakshvaani Builders
  • Green Hill Group & C P Group
  • PRM Begraj
  • Topline Realty
  • Joy Majumder & Co

Builders for luxury apartments, commercial buildings & space and retail building & space.

Nightingale Realtor - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

Nightingale Realtor is a big name, engaged in providing a variety of real estate services under one roof. The company was established a few years ago and is doing well under the guidance of industry experts.

We operate from Siliguri (West Bengal, India) and we provide real estate services and support to homeowners and applicants. Our services are available for a wide variety of old and new residential and commercial properties. We also help clients buy, sell and rent all types of properties.

Propery Types:? Flats/Apartments, Houses/Villas, Builder Floor, Farmhouse, Commercial Shops, Showrooms, Office Space, Residential Plot, Agricultural/Farmland, Commercial Plots, Industrial Land, Guest House, Hotel & Restaurant, Warehouse.

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 08048779104,

Sagarmatha Group - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

Sagarmatha Group ensures that you get maximum satisfaction with the quality of services and transactions in an extensive real estate network. We provide premium real estate services and have long experience in the industry.

Property Types: Residential, Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 085092 12075

HM Group Siliguri - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

HM Group Siliguri is a leading real estate company whose main objective is to deliver projects of the highest quality standards. The company aims to constantly make great strides in realizing the dreams of many customers.

It is equipped by a team of talented professionals who are very knowledgeable and skilled in the real estate business and are always ready to provide more than what has been asked for.

Property Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Tiru Fine Residency LLP - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

Tiru Fine Residency LLP` is a partnership of Tirumala Group & Fine Group Tirumala Group is committed to being the property developer of choice, continuously providing high quality residential and commercial projects with technology.

Modern and provide services to enhance the inherent value of real estate. People need to believe that they are the best for them. So, they try harder in every field They serve.

Property Types: Residental, Oxyprana

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

CP Real Estate - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

CP Real Estate is one of the leading real estate developers in Siliguri, active in the residential, commercial and organized retail sectors. With a track record of 19 projects handed over to more than 800 happy families, he always strives to put "customer" as the focus in the design, planning and construction of all his projects.

Operating in the Luxury, Premium and Economy / Low Cost / Economy categories in residential development. She currently manages a portfolio of 3 ongoing projects with nearly 1.2 million square feet under development in Siliguri.

As one of the fastest growing entities in the industry, the group claims to have operated with excellent levels of customer service and the highest standards of social and environmental well-being for the past 2 decades. to become the industry leader and market leader known for trust and quality as well as on-time delivery.

Property Types: Residential, commercial and organized retails

Deals In Localities: Sevoke Road, Siliguri

Contact: 97333 88879

SBM Group - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

SBM Group is a well-known real estate developer in Siliguri. It boasts an enviable real estate portfolio that covers the entire city of Siliguri.

The company is known for its amazing architecture, topographic understanding and extremely efficient time management.

The spares no effort to ensure that the client's property needs, and expectations are met. SBM Upohar, SBM Aura and SBM Freshia are some of the successful projects of the company.

Property Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 76999 11119

Panchnai Group - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

The Panchnai Group is a real estate development company committed to developing projects that are excellent investments for the present and are sure to succeed in the future. They believes in maintaining business ethics and transparency in all transactions to create a long-term clientele.

The company believes in bringing customers high quality work to help them realize their dream of owning a home. She makes sure not to compromise the quality of her projects.

Property Types: Residential & Commercial- Property developers

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 98006 40006

MK GROUP - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

MK Group is a well-known name in North Bengal's real estate sector, where we have successfully completed several landmark residential and commercial projects over the past three decades.

The group is based in Siliguri; is the gateway to the northeast of India and a very promising city in terms of business and transportation. We are working

with passion towards our goal of developing and changing the real estate landscape of this city.

Property Types: Commercial

Deals In Localities: Salugara, Siliguri

Sandeep Real-estate - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

Sandeep Real-estate is a famous builder in the small town of Siliguri. It was founded in 2004 and has built monuments over half a million square feet. It was formerly known as Pure Enclave Pvt. Ltd. led by Mr. Sandeep Goyal.

The team believes in transparency and is committed to achieving a high standard of living and respecting safety, environmental and legal standards. Real estate group SandeepG has built both residential and several commercial plazas throughout the area.

The builder has further expanded the construction into other areas such as hotels, educational facilities and healthcare centers. In addition, they believe in maintaining an environment that values diversity and respects individual differences.

Propery Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 98005-22000

CP Group - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

CP Group, based in Siliguri, has over a decade of experience in bringing about positive change in people's lifestyles. It was established to meet the growing demand for quality housing and commercial space in Siliguri.

Since its establishment, the group has carried out many projects and become one of the main real estate developers in the city.

They ensure that his projects talk about quality construction, high-quality raw materials and the latest construction technology that help create homes that are as solid as the client's trust.

Propery Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Nakshvaani Builders - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

Nakshvaani Builders is committed to giving you a better quality of life and redefining living standards through innovative real estate products. We have always been at the forefront of design, enhancing aesthetics, functionality, infrastructure and being environmentally friendly.

The main differentiator of Nakshvaani Builders is the abundant infrastructure in all our projects. Each project of Nakshvaani Builders has well-designed infrastructure such as spacious internal roads, adequate parking for residents, large open green space and effective security system, in addition to materials.

Carefully selected high-quality construction with over a decade of experience, Nakshvaani Builders' name has left a legacy as one of the top and best property builders in North Bengal.

With several leading developments across the city, the real estate company has several residential projects in progress and successfully underway in Siliguri on its perimeter.

Propery Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 9679197777 |8820493227

Green Hill Group & C P Group - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

With their real estate segment combined to deliver quality living homes to our clients in and around Siliguri, with a primary focus on the green home concept, besides providing all modern amenities make home lifestyle both comfortable and fun.

Over 15 years of experience In the architecture industry, our architectural staff includes industry experts in state-of-the-art advanced solutions. Green Hill Group focuses on building perfect residential areas surrounded by green trees, for a peaceful and happy life, for everyone.

Propery Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 96350 11111

PRM Begraj - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

PRM Begraj Group is one of the real estate groups in leading Northeast India. Headquartered in Siliguri - West Bengal, the group has redefined the city's skyline through the development of exceptional properties throughout Siliguri and its wildly successful neighboring sisters.

The Group has many prestigious residential projects, shopping complexes, commercial centers and offices. The RM Begraj Group prides itself on its ability to realize market-leading growth opportunities and pursue tangible innovations in design and construction.

Propery Types: Residental, Retail & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 90831 22000

Topline Realty - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

We are one of the leading property developers in the Siliguri area. We build towns/societies for each population segment. They can build their dream home on affordable land or keep the land as an investment.

Propery Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Siliguri

Contact: 96419 31395

Joy Majumder & Co - Real Estate Companies in Siliguri

The company owes its success to a team of dedicated real estate professionals. Over the years, JMC has proven itself as a trusted real estate developer delivering its projects in challenging market environments by helping to shape the skyline with residential buildings, commercial and iconic hotels.

Over the course of its thirty years, the company has paved the way for success through persistent efforts and a focus on customer satisfaction by helping to convert residential buildings into homes.

Property Types: Residental & Commercial

Deals In Localities: Matigara, Dagapur

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